Allowed traffic

To ensure stable and reliable operation of the WPG-IX infrastructure we impose a set of restrictions on what kind of traffic is allowed on the Internet Exchange interfaces.

IEEE-802.3 standard Ethernet-frames forwarded to WPG-IX ports must have one of three following ethertypes: 0x0800 – IPv4, 0x0806 – ARP, 0x86dd – IPv6.

Ethernet frames forwarded to an individual WPG-IX port shall all have only one fixed source MAC address.

Use of proxy ARP on the router’s interface connected to the WPG-IX is not allowed.

Frames forwarded to WPG-IX ports shall not be addressed to a multicast or broadcast MAC destination address except  broadcast ARP packets and multicast ICMPv6 Neighbour Discovery packets. Please note that this does not include ICPMv6 Router Solicitation or Advertisement packets.

Traffic for link-local protocols shall not be forwarded to WPG-IX ports.

(Incomplete list of these protocols: IRDP, ICMP redirects, IEEE 802 Spanning Tree, CDP, EDP, VTP, DTP, OSPF, ISIS, IGRP, EIGRP, BOOTP / DHCP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM, DVMRP, ICMPv6 ND -RA, UDLD, L2 Keepalives). ARP and IPv6 ND – allowed only as exception.

It is forbidden to forward packets to the ip address and Network, – No IP directed broadcast.

Network prefixes and 2001:504:2c:: 0/116 shall not be advertised by member’s routers outside of their own AS (BGP community no-export).

Member shall only use the IP-address and network mask offered by WPG-IX on their router interface connected to WPG-IX. Only this IP-address shall be used as next-hop for any member’s announced prefixes.